Whimsical Angel Christmas Stocking


Whimsical Angel Christmas Stocking –


Whimsical Angel Christmas Stocking

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Whimsical Angel Christmas Stocking

This personalized Christmas is perfect for any little girl in your family. The stocking is made of white cotton with a red cuff and toe and is embellished with an applique Angel complete with lots of great details. Stocking measures 21.5″ from cuff to toe and is 6″ wide. Be sure to view additional images to to see a close up of the Angel.
Product Technical Specifications
• Product Size: 21.5″ from tip of the toe to opposite corner of the cuff | 6.5″ wide at opening
Product Backstory
Do you have a girl in the family dreaming of being a princess? We have you covered with this stocking.


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