Jumbo Red & White Velvet Christmas Stocking


Jumbo Red & White Velvet Christmas Stocking –


Jumbo Red & White Velvet Christmas Stocking

About the Maker’s Pre-configured Design

Jumbo Red & White Velvet Christmas Stocking

This JUMBO red and white velvet Christmas stocking is perfect for grandparents who love to spoil the little ones. It measures 28.5″ long (measured from the hanging loop across the stocking to the opposite toe and is 8.5″ wide at the opening) and could be stuffed with tons of stocking stuffers.
Product Technical Specifications
• Product Size: 28.5″ from tip of the toe to opposite corner of the cuff | 8.5″ wide at opening
Product Backstory
MerryStockings is excited to offer a JUMBO red velvet Christmas stocking that matches our popular Red and White velvet personalized stocking. Considerably larger, this stocking, as shown in the picture, would be perfect to stuff all the way to the top and lay it by the tree, mantel, or perhaps place at the bottom of the stairs. This gorgeous, well made stocking can be personalized if desired. The stocking photo shows the Italic font option.


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