Classic Red Snowflakes Stocking | Pointed Snowflak


Classic Red Snowflakes Stocking | Pointed Snowflak –


Classic Red Snowflakes Stocking | Pointed Snowflak

About the Maker’s Pre-configured Design

Classic Red Snowflakes Stocking | Pointed Snowflak

This stocking features beautifully embroidered red snowflakes against a white background. You’ll love the lacey quality of the snowflakes that seem to float down the stocking. A matching stocking with more rounded snowflakes is also available. The stocking is made from white felt with a red knit cuff. The stocking measures 20 inches long from the tip of the cuff to the toe. . . plenty of room for Santa to fill with holiday cheer. This stocking can be personalized with a choice of three script styles embroidered in white thread on the red knit cuff.

Whether you give this gorgeous stocking as a gift to friends or family members or hang it on your own mantel, the Classic Red Snowflakes personalized stocking from will be cherished for years to come.

Product Technical Specifications
• Product Size: 21.5″ from tip of the toe to opposite corner of the cuff | 6.5″ wide at opening
Product Backstory
Beautiful, festive, and full of holiday spirit, the Classic Red Snowflakes with Pointed Snowflakes personalized stocking will certainly add a bit of elegance to your mantel this year.


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