Bear Cabin Series Quilted Christmas Stocking


Bear Cabin Series Quilted Christmas Stocking –


Bear Cabin Series Quilted Christmas Stocking

About the Maker’s Pre-configured Design

Bear Cabin Series Quilted Christmas Stocking

The Bear stocking from our Cabin series stockings is perfect for the outdoorsmen in your life. A sweet bear character holds a fishing pole and stands in front of an ice fishing hole on a 21.5” stocking in muted brown and tan. This is just one of the five Cabin Series Christmas Stockings available, with additional matching stockings featuring a reindeer, owl, penguin, and moose.

The bear is hand sewn onto the stocking complete with a cute scarf and Santa sweater. Star-shaped snowflakes fall delicately on a tan background covered in an intricate cross-patterned stitching. Beautiful red gingham bands adds just enough festive Christmas warmth to make the stocking glow cheerily without going over the top.

This rustic stocking series from MerryStockings allows you to personalize each stocking with a name, so Santa doesn’t get his gifts mixed up! The name will be printed in white letters on the brown top band of the stocking.

Product Technical Specifications
• Product Size: 21.5″ from tip of the toe to opposite corner of the cuff | 6.5″ wide at opening
Product Backstory
Our Cabin Series Christmas Stockings for are a MerryStockings exclusive. These Christmas stockings feature a brown cotton body with an intricate cross patterned stitching.


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