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Outdoor Porch and Patio Pillows


Ah, Spring! Nothing is stopping us from going outdoors once the weather permits. After more than a year of social distance, quarantine, lockdowns, closures and curfews, we are all running outside for the great outdoors life.

Never before has making our green space and fresh-air living areas been more inviting or important—indeed, the patio and porch are now, in some cases, the only safe spaces where we can meet friends and family.

To that end, we are clamoring for comfort and color out of doors. Enter the brightly colored couch pillows or the boldly designed floor cushions. Even an older, weathered wicker chair in want of a fresh coat of paint stands out with some on-trend neon accent pillows lined up against its tired reeds.

Boho tribal prints or strong geometric patterns make great floor cushions to place around a seating area on a patio to form ‘safe’ and distanced seating. Order these in a tougher wearing fabric, like canvas, or even denim, for the wear-and-tear they will get. Floor cushions are perfect for extra seating and casual entertaining, especially when space on a porch or patio is at a premium.

Simple metal or wooden garden or deck furniture seems to come alive with a row of brightly colored printed pillows placed on it. These accents are affordable and come in a myriad of designs and colors, from formal damasks to modern and splashy florals to moody and artful psychedelics.

You can even mix it up or change the colors and styles with the holidays or season. For Memorial Day and Fourth of July go all out with red, white and blue stripes and stars; then soften the colors for end of summer as harvest season begins to pale golden yellows and greens, ending with autumnal shades of pumpkin and rust, ready for some spooky Halloween themed pillows before the weather turns.

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