Fun Reindeer Velvet Character Christmas Stocking


Fun Reindeer Velvet Character Christmas Stocking –


Fun Reindeer Velvet Character Christmas Stocking

About the Maker’s Pre-configured Design

Fun Reindeer Velvet Character Christmas Stocking

The Reindeer character stocking, made of tan corduroy, features a hand-sewn reindeer. The top and toe of the stocking have red velvet to accent the design. These stockings offer a variety of characters you can choose from, allowing the option to choose whether everyone has reindeer, or each person has a stocking with a different character this year.

Merry Stockings provides the perfect size stocking at 21.5″ from the toe to the cuff, and 6″ wide. Included in the price of the stocking, you can get a name sewn into the cuff of the stocking. You can even select from different fonts to get the most out of your personalization. With personalized stocking holders, you can ensure that everyone’s stockings don’t get confused while all under the family name.

Product Technical Specifications
• Made Of Velvet
• Product Size: 21.5″ from tip of the toe to opposite corner of the cuff | 6.5″ wide at opening
Product Backstory
Make your Christmas a little more fun with Christmas character stockings. These stockings are great for families or individuals who want to add some whimsy to their holiday season.


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