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Wallpaper that Dead Space

For a temporary and removable solution to an empty wall or dark, dead space that needs vivacity, order several panels of pre-pasted removable wallpaper with fresh and bold designs to liven it up.

There are now numerous options to buy wallpaper lengths online, with some offering their own proprietary designs, while others allow self-designed print-on-demand services.  Most of these sites also have a tool that helps you gauge the amount to order.

All you need is a tape measure, preferably the metal one with a tang to attach to the end wall, and a mechanical pencil to mark or jot down the measurements. Height and width are all you need to record.

Panel lengths usually come in 2-foot widths (most wallpaper printing machines seem to only have rollers that employ a 24-inch width bed) so if you want to ‘go big’ on an over-sized pattern like a damask or floral, think of the pattern repeat in terms of 24 inches for each motif.  The height of the wall or room gives you the footage per panel. If it is an uneven measurement, even if only a few inches more than 2-4-6-8-10 feet, then you will need to purchase another full length and cut it to fit.

Most of these print-on-demand sites allow you to purchase lengths of 3 feet, 9 feet and 12 feet.  For any wall that is exactly 8 feet wide with a 10-foot ceiling height, you would need to order 4 panels of the 12-foot length, and trim to fit.

For a more permanent design, order unpasted papers and apply carefully. There is also a pre-pasted yet removable option that is activated by water to the adhesive, giving a smoother finish. Depending on the surface and the use intended there are various choices for making an accent wall pop.

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